Tuesday 19 January 2016

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I have been involved in making video games since 1984 where I starting programming on the ZX81 and later the ZX Spectrum. I published my first game "Out For The Count" in 1989 and have gone on to write and publish over 80 video games from the ZX Spectrum to the Playstation, XBox 360 and everything in between!

My focus now is developing and publishing video games for digital and mobile platforms.

My other huge passion is football. Having been a keen player since i can remember and playing until I was 42 at a reasonable level, my passion for the game has increased as I have been coaching and managing various football teams from semi professional adult teams to professional academy youngsters.

I am a qualified UEFA B coach and passed my FA Youth Award levels with a high pass mark.

I currently work in a professional football club academy as a head coach alongside running my business.

So why the blog?

During my early days playing video games back in the 80's I remember fondly playing Football Manager from Kevin Toms. Many football and video games fans will remember the game and probably as I did lose many hours playing this game well into the night, trying to get promoted.

This game was the first of its kind and started a genre that is so popular amongst fans it's almost an addiction.

Now we have many football management games that are so in depth and realistic that you will struggle to work full time and play the game successfully! 

Games like Football Manager from Sports Interactive that I am sure you all know are unbelievable realistic and detailed and have a huge following.

Over the years there has been some great games on home computers and consoles like championship Manager, Football Club Manager, Top Eleven, Online Soccer Manager, Ultimate Soccer Manager, Football Chairman, and many many more.

So having written three football management games previously on the ZX Spectrum and others and being a huge fan of these types of games, I have made it my mission to develop the definitive football management game for the mobile market based on my experiences of these games and my experience as a coach working within a professional Football Club.

This blog is about the development of this game which is called - Club Soccer Director, where we will try and share all the details that go into developing these games, and hopefully we can get lots of feedback from passionate football and football management game fans.

I hope you enjoy our blog and please gives us as much feedback as you can.