Thursday 24 March 2016

What is Club Soccer Director?

Welcome to our blog, a lot has happened in football since my last post! 

Leicester City haven't as many predicted faltered under the pressure, Gary Neville despite a small increase in fortunes, continues to struggle at Valencia, and Louis Van Gaal continues with a philosophy that appears to be too robotic and predefined to be as effective as it should be.

So what have we been doing here at Go Games?

We have been very busy on the development of Club Soccer Director and the game is starting to take shape. Most of the work at the moment has been on the game engine, UI and art. The game engine is the core of the game, and a lot of work has gone in to make it realistic as possible in what the results, goals scored, conceded, points at the end of season show.

The engine can now output touches per player, assists, pass completions and a load of other stats for each player/team etc. Our aim will be for the same stats to be detailed as you would get in real life.

But Club Soccer Director isn't just a normal football management game. 

Your role in the game is The Director of Football (Sporting Director) of a football club and the game is about your career in that role.

As a Director of Football (Sporting Director) your job is to create and instill the right philosophy at the club and manage all the staff, players, finances etc and deliver success both on and off the pitch.

This is a balancing act as the demands of the manager, as in real football will be a massive challenge. The board expect you to be working within strict budgets, but the manager will want to win matches and achieve success, and will want to build a squad capable of achieving this.

The recruitment of the right manager and his staff will be vital to achieving success at your club. Each member of staff will have a personality, preferred playing style, formation and tactical preferences. Blending the management team together that fits in with your philosophy will be key to getting success on the pitch.

Alongside this you will be responsible for

Player Recruitment
Staff Recruitment
Sponsorship Negotiations
Ticket Pricing
Stadium Development
Commercial Facility Development
Training Ground Development
Academy/Youth Facilities Development
Managing Finances
Dealing with the Press
Reporting to the Board

and more!......

If there is anything that you think that should be included in the game please comment or let us know on our facebook community page

In the next post we will let you see some early screenshots of the game!

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